Kids Martial Arts In Benton, AR : What Should Your Child Be Working On?

Kids Martial Arts in Benton, AR : What Should Your Child Be Working On?

“What should kids do outside of Class To Improve Kids Martial Arts in Benton, AR ?” 

This is a common question I get from a lot of parents.  Many of the parents who sign their child up for Kids Martial Arts in Benton, AR want to help their child get better outside of class. Additionally many children desire to practice at home, but are not sure what to work, being that they don’t have a proper partner or teacher present.  The good news is that the answer is fundamentally simple, and you can help your child improve his/ her Jiu Jitsu skills at home!

In 2006 I began training under the legendary strength and conditioning coach John Davies. Through my training under him I have had the opportunity to learn the soviet sports model of training. Additionally I have been introduced to and trained with other experts in the soviet sports model. In my own time I have done some research in to their habits of building athletes from childhood.  Jory and I have used this exact model to bring about our own success.

In the beginning, your child need not work specifically on Jiu Jitsu drills at home. You probably feel as “akward” trying to do Jiu Jitsu with your child at home as your child might on his/ her first day of trying classes for Kids Martial Arts in Benton, AR . Don’t worry. You don’t have to try to remember all of the drills we do in class, or do any “funny” moves!

The fundamental development of a good athlete begins with a few skills, and it’s crucial that you develop these skills within your child:

  • 1. Kicking
  • 2. Throwing
  • 3. Running
  • 4. Jumping

These are 4 simple skills that you can focus your work with your child at home to improve his/ her skills for Kids Martial Arts in Benton, AR ! The better your child becomes at these exercises, the better he/ she will be down the line with regards to his/ her training. Actually, working on these skills will help your child in any Martial Art or sport, not just Kids Martial Arts in Benton, AR !

Kids Martial Arts in Benton, AR

Kids Martial Arts In Benton, AR

I would highly recommend you take the time to do these activities with your child on a regular basis. In today’s society, the tradition of family is often lost. There is no dinner time, nor is there much social/ bonding time. It’s proven that due to the internet and social media, people are talking less and becoming more and more disconnected. Use this time to not only help your child improve his/ her skill, but to develop a bond with your child. This can be a nightly activity, or something your family does every weekend. You can include your child’s friends, and your entire family.


There are so many things you can do that incorporate these 4 skills:

  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Dodgeball
  • Kickball
  • Frisbee
  • Trail Runs
  • Hop Scotch
  • Jumping on the trampoline
  • Jumping rope
  • Throwing/ Skipping rocks on the pond

These are some games you can use to develop these fundamental skills with your child as your child begins training Kids Martial Arts in Benton, AR .  Keep in mind that these are fundamentals. As your child progresses, in age and skill set, your child will need to do more specific things to develop these skills. At a certain age (I will withhold this exact number) your child will need to begin to specialize in his/ her chose sport. But these skills must be developed prior to specialization. This is a good place to start.  But don’t get me wrong, your child should start training Kids Martial Arts in Benton, AR as early as he/ she desires! But before the age of specialization, when your child really focuses on the sport, these skills must be developed.

Using this opportunity to have “family exercise” with your child will not only increase your child’s skill set, but allow you some time to have a much needed talk. I’d suggest you talk about a few things:

  • 1. Let your child know your family’s rules about his/ her training:  Only you can tell your child when it is acceptable to use his/ her skills. Now that your child is training Kids Martial Arts in Benton, AR , he/ she has special knowledge. I would be remiss not to tell you that your child has the potential to hurt someone else. It’s crucial you discuss this with your child.  You want  your child to be safe, but you don’t want your child to become a bully. Judgement skills take time for a child to acquire. Discuss it!
  • 2. Get to know your child’s friends: In my past blog I made a mention: “If you child hangs around 9 drug dealers, he’ll be the 10th.” Do you know who your child’s hanging around with? Now’s a good time to find out. Let your child invite his/ her friends. Additionally talk to your child about bullying and peer pressure. Let your child know that it is something most everyone experiences in life, and that you are available to talk to 24/7. Make sure you child doesn’t feel the need to hide problems, or be embarrassed.
  • 3. Talk with your child about healthy eating and exercise: Let your child know that these exercises are helping his/ her improve for Jiu Jitsu Class! Encourage your child to make healthy eating choices for performance.
  • 4. Be a good role model: If you don’t exercise yourself it’s time to make a priority! Set a good example and take care of yourself so you can watch your kid grow up. The great news is if you feel out of shape, or like you can’t keep up with your child, the good news is you can with these simple exercises. You will both benefit, so give it a try.
  • 5. Have fun! Kid’s get bored easy, so here’s another secret: The more fun you can make of exercise, the more your child will do it.

Additionally, while your kid is training Kids Martial Arts in Benton, AR , we will be enforcing all of these things in our classes! We’ll talk with your child about his/ her training, about developing healthy friendships and relationships, we’ll provide good role models, and teach healthy eating habits. Most importantly, we’ll have fun!

When your child signs up to train Kids Martial Arts in Benton, AR , or anywhere else, It’s my hope that your child doesn’t just learn a set of skills, but has a better quality of life due to his/ her Martial Arts training! Training Martial Arts was the best decision my parents made for me. I got to see the world, compete internationally, and I’m successful in life.  Our program for Kids Martial Arts in Benton, AR can help you do the same for your child, and with our proven life skills development program, we’ll put your child on the path to success fast.

I hope you enjoyed my blog. I merely scratched the surface of athletic development for kids! But if you’re interested in improving your child’s performance in sports, or trying Kids Martial Arts in Benton, AR be sure to check out Revolution’s 30 Day Trial! Click here to get signed up!