Kids Martial Arts Benton Helps Kids in School!

Kids Martial Arts Benton Helps Kids in School!

Behavioral and emotional problems in kids are all too common these days. A 2005 report shows that nearly 5 percent—of children are reported by their parents to suffer from definite or severe emotional or behavioral difficulties. These are problems that can interfere with their family life, their ability to learn, and their formation of friendships.  If that were not bad enough, these problems usually persist throughout a child’s life and carry in to adulthood. What that ultimately means is that these problems can affect your child’s chances of success in life.

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Let me take a minute to share with you an interview from one of the kids in my Kids Martial Arts Benton Classes. This is Rylie and she has been training Kids Martial Arts Benton for almost 2 years. Rylie is a model of hard work and discipline in class. I’d even go as far to characterize her as an “overachiever”. You will notice in our interview Rylie makes several mentions of how training Kids Martial Arts Benton has helped her in school.


Kids Martial Arts Benton can help kids with a number of problems: social and in their studies.

All kids, and kids with behavior problems in particular, have trouble making friends. A child with behavioral problems tends to feel isolated, misunderstood, and lonely. He/ She may be ostracized by other children for his/ her behavior. Wouldn’t it be nice if your child could have a place to go that helped him/ her make positive, lasting relationships with peers? Not only will this benefit your child in the short term, but throughout your child’s adult life, he/ she will have to know how to form and build positive peer relationships for success.  Rylie made mention that her training helps her get closer to people.  This is one of the great benefits that comes with Kids Martial Arts Benton !

Kids with behavioral problems not only have trouble making friends, but they may experience a lot of social conflict.  In fact we all do, but kids with behavioral and emotional problems are likely the brunt of bullying and taunts from peers.

Do you remember what it was like to be bullied in school? 

Do you remember the names of school bullies? 

Perhaps you remember bullying yourself?

It hurts, and to a child who has problems handling their own emotions, it can be disastrous. It can break them in to emotional pieces. Kids Martial Arts Benton helps kids learn how to deal with these problems. First, kids learn common life skills such as courtesy, respect, kindness, and generosity.  They learn how to work with a partner and be a good teammate.  Kids also learn how to avoid physical confrontations through their own behavior and through talking. Kids Martial Arts Benton teaches kids the right things to do and say in order to diffuse a heated conversation. In the case of a confrontation, kids learn to react with reason and not with emotion. They learn to think through their choices and be prepared for consequences.  Kids Martial Arts Benton also teaches kids the right skills to keep themselves safe!

As Rylie also mentioned, Jiu Jitsu helps her calm herself down and relieve stress from the school day.  Kids with emotional and behavioral problems do not deal with stress well. They may overreact to things we would otherwise consider insignificant. Stress can affect a child’s ability to focus and perform in school. Learn Martial Arts can help your child calm down when faced with a stressor. In addition the physical exercise is proven to elevate mood and reduce depression.

Kids Martial Arts Benton helps kids with their studies by giving them alternative means to look at a problem.  Rylie mentions that when her teacher asks her questions, she can relate it to Jiu Jitsu and answer. When learning Jiu Jitsu, kids learn about angles, leverage, and all sorts of other things they will learn about in math, geometry and other classes in school. They learn how to position a joint to make proper leverage or to escape. They learn which angles help make a technique more efficient.  When these kids think about angles in their geometry classes, they can most definitely relate it to Jiu Jitsu.  Math isn’t the only subject kids learn about. They’ll learn about geography as they learn the history of their art. They’ll learn a bit of foreign language and culture, as they meet the guests who come in for special camps.

Most importantly they learn critical thinking skills. Critical thinking is defined as

The process or method of thinking that questions assumptions. It is a way of deciding whether a claim is true, false, or sometimes true and sometimes false, or partly true and partly false.

Kids learn to test a hypothesis and theory, and they learn to question what they assume to be true or false. You see, they practice the techniques they learn daily in a live setting. They learn to make their own combinations of moves, anticipate a persons reaction and plan their reaction accordingly. They also have to react quickly and make a new plan of something doesn’t go as initially planned. All of this entire process takes a split second for a seasoned practitioner, but as kids learn this process, they are learning valuable physical and mental skills. Kids also learn how to deal with others and others’ behavior. They learn that they can’t always predict a persons reaction, but they can control how they react to a situation and how it affects them. Kids who train Kids Martial Arts Benton improve their critical thinking in the process. One they are able to do this, they are able to use these critical thinking skills anywhere in life, even in school.

Did you notice Rylie is very well spoken? While some of the kids were a bit camera shy at first, I noticed later that they were all well spoken. Kids Martial Arts Benton gives kids the confidence to speak in front of others, and feel good about themselves. By watching these kids, you can tell they have confidence. That confidence carries over to many other areas of life, and will be a determining factor in their success. Tessas and Samuels also experienced a significant boost in confidence with their training!

Wouldn’t it be great if your child could experience all of these great benefits in one place?

If you want to help your child become more successful in life, learn critical thinking skills, relieve stress, manage emotions, control behavior and have fun, go on my website and sign up for a 30 Day FREE trial.

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This will be the the best thing you can do for your child! 

How To Benefit From Jiu Jitsu Classes Benton

I received an email this morning from one of the dedicated kids in my Kids’ Jiu Jitsu Classes Benton . The kids tend to get frustrated with grappling quite easily. Sometimes this turn in to a competition. This happens with adults as well. One person does something, the other perceives it as “intentionally rough”, then they step up their game, their partner steps it up in response, and it’s a losing battle from there. I’ve seen this result in adults punching one another. In this instance, one kid (much more advance) was grabbing the others head and pulling it down real tight while holding him in the guard. The kid getting his head pulled was very new (few classes) and about to cry while the other was visibly frustrated. I told them both to relax and sit the rest of the round out and calm down.

Jiu Jitsu Classes Benton

Jiu Jitsu Classes Benton

Later after class I received the email. It wasn’t the first time I’ve had this question, but it was the first time from a kid via email. I thought over my response. I have to be very careful what I write. Sometimes kids take things too literally, sometimes not literally enough. He asked what he should be doing during grappling in Jiu Jitsu Classes Benton .  When you look at it simply, he was doing what he’s supposed to be doing (grappling/ winning) and he was told to relax and had to sit out and calm down. I don’t want to say he got in trouble, but he probably feels that way. In his mind, he was doing right. In reality, he was doing right. He’s not supposed to try to lose. I certainly can’t tell him he should just let the other kid beat him. Not only is this not good for him, but it teaches his newer opponent that doing things wrong works, and that technique doesn’t matter.

So, what should he and other students be doing in his Jiu Jitsu Classes Benton ? Well, quite simply any student should be trying to improve.  While training in Jiu Jitsu Classes Benton , you will have a variety of opponents. Some higher in skill set, some lower. With each opponent, the focus should be different. With a more skilled opponent, you should try to work your best techniques and try to perfect a gameplan. With lesser skilled opponents, you should work techniques they are not as good at, or just learned. You see there is a time for everything. In a tournament, you will want to use your best moves. While training in  Jiu Jitsu Classes Benton , you will want to try to improve.

Early on in my Martial Arts Career I heard a coach tell us to practice moves we weren’t good at on new people. He was talking about plateaus, and growing out of them. It made a lot of sense to me. Practice new moves, new combinations, and new strategies on new folks. You may not be able to get these moves to work on new folks right away. That’s no problem. Keep trying. Once these moves work on a newer person, work up: try them on someone your rank, and then later work to get them to work on the higher ranks. Once you get these new moves, combinations, setups, etc to work on the high level players, begin working on new ones on the new folks. This is the constant cycle that drives the evolution of your game. This is how you should be training in your Jiu Jitsu Classes Benton .

Not only does this strategy help you but it helps everyone in your Jiu Jitsu Classes Benton . Sure, I want kids (and adults for that matter) to train safe. They have to learn that there are classroom safe moves, and moves that are better reserved for competition or defense (smashing the head in side control, etc). You want to make sure your partners have a safe comfortable environment. Afterall, if a new person comes in and gets their face smashed the first day, they likely won’t return.  When you run off all of your training partners, how will you improve? You won’t. You need these people. You need them to stick around. On the contrary, higher ranks will want to make sure they are doing everything they can to ensure tight positional control, etc.

On the other hand, you can’t let new folks walk all over you. Especially kids. Kids don’t have the reasoning adults have. I can’t tell him he should take it easy and then expect him to go hard in a tournament. Kid’s don’t have the ability to distinguish when it’s ok and when it’s not. It has to be learned. So, when training in your Jiu Jitsu Classes Benton , never let someone walk all over you to be nice. Not only is this bad for you but it doesn’t help the new person at all. In fact it provides a false sense of security. However there’s things you can do to be nice that help you and your opponent.  If you sense someone is new, scared, or apprehensive, practice what you aren’t good at. If you just learned a new move in class, try it! Let the new person have your back and try to escape. Let them have side control and try to escape. This is optimal for both people. The new person will learn how to establish and control position, while you work escapes and or new strategies. Both of you will improve.  If you have a super tight side control and can smash the you know what out of someone’s head, do you really need to practice this on someone who doesn’t even know how to escape? Probably not. Definitely not.

So, what should you be doing in your Jiu Jitsu Classes Benton ? The answer is simple: You should be trying to improve. How do you do that?  By practicing appropriate moves on appropriate opponents. Train with purpose, and train to improve. Train for results, not your ego. Follow these simple steps:

1. Learn new moves & develop new strategies through classroom learning and watching matches

2. Practice new strategies and moves on new opponents

3. Once those moves work on new opponents, “graduate” them to higher skilled opponents until they work on the best opponents.

4. Repeat cycle for new moves

Continue this evolution and this will be sure you are not stuck in any plateaus in your training. Train hard, Train Smart, and Train with purpose in your Jiu Jitsu Classes Benton .

Improve Your Child’s Attention With Kids Martial Arts in Benton

Kids martial Arts in Benton

Kids Martial Arts in Benton Can Help!

Conditions that affect a child’s ability to pay attention, such as ADHD, etc are getting a lot of attention these days, and Kids Martial Arts in Benton is the best way to help your child learn to focus and pay attention. It seems everyone has an explanation, or attempted explanation for these problems and medications are all too common. But before you jump on the medication bandwagon, here’s a few ways you can improve your child’s attention at home, and how Kids Martial Arts in Benton can help.

Today’s society is very fast paced and some things can actually ruin your child’s ability to focus. A study of 2600 kids who started watching tv at around age 2 showed that by age 7 they were more susceptible to inattentiveness, distractibility, impulsiveness and disorganization.  Other studies show that human attention span overall may be decreasing due to technology such as internet, etc. Spending a little time with your child at an early age, or letting them try a class for Kids martial Arts in Benton can help your child maintain his/ her attention span and learn attention to detail.

One of the best ways to improve your child’s attention is to practice. In our classes for Kids Martial Arts in Benton , we practice this often. Now first let me say it’s important to remember that your child is still a child. Don’t be too overbearing, expecting your child to focus for long periods of time such as an hour. The average adult’s attention span is only 20 minutes, so don’t expect your child to focus on something too long. Instead plan short spans where your child will focus and then take a break. During our classes for Kids Martial Arts in Benton , we usually have the kids focus on a task for 2 minutes or so, and then allow a 30 second break. If you allow your child to take breaks, he/ she won’t have a problem focusing; afterall they know the break is coming. After the break, take another round focusing on the task. Encourage your child to focus and praise and reward him/ her for doing so.

There are many other things you can do to improve your child’s attention: Make sure your child has adequate space to work, a quite atmosphere during “focus time”, pairing your child with/ next to other students who focus well, and breaking down the task in to smaller tasks. As I teach one of our classes for Kids Martial Arts in Benton I usually try to break down the tasks. If you teach a child too much, you teach him/ her nothing at all. Not only will the child not remember anything, but he/ she will start tuning things out and not try. When I break down the tasks, and encourage the kids to focus, they pick it up much better.  It’s also important to help your child have a “goal” with each task. For example, at our classes for Kids Martial Arts in Benton I might announce the technique we are learning before I teach the first part. I usually show them the full technique. That way the child has some concept of the final goal. The same applies to homework or any task. Tell them what they are working towards and break it in to tasks. This also teaches your child to be goal oriented, in addition to being focused and attentive to detail. If you want, take a look at my other blog, specifically about focusing while training Kids Martial Arts in Benton .

Kids Martial Arts in Benton is one of the best ways to help your child learn focus, attention to detail and goal planning. Kids Martial Arts in Benton provides the structure, consistency, and ritual that kids desire, and believe me kids do desire those things! With Kids martial arts in Benton , You will see your child improve overall organization, executive function and critical thinking skills, making him/ her more successful in life.


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