The Power of Choice For Fitness Success at gyms in Benton, AR

gyms in Benton, AR

gyms in Benton, AR

The Power of Choice For Fitness Success at gyms in Benton, AR

What if someone gave you a gift, a special gift: the ability and freedom to do and have anything. Anything you want, it’s yours: Ripped abs, tones legs and arms, youthful skin, a leading spot on a sports team, a black belt in Martial Arts, a college degree, anything you want, it’s yours. Imagine that for a minute. What would it be like? What would you want???

It sounds awesome doesn’t it.

Ok, back to reality….. well actually, that is reality: You can have anything you want. You don’t need a genie in a lamp, or a special gift.  But you might need what most folks training at gyms in Benton, AR , who are failing at their fitness and other goals don’t have: the realization that the power is in your hands. It’s your choice to have it, or to not have it.

Let me explain: I’ve been in the fitness industry a long time, and the Martial Arts industry even longer. I’ve seen a lot of people reach their goals, but most of them fail and never accomplish anything. Statistics show that around 90% of diet attempts fail. Same goes for education: Most research suggests that around 60% of college freshmen don’t graduate. In Martial Arts like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, 80 percent of people quit in the first month. I do not believe there’s been an official study, but I would guess less than 1% of people make it to black belt.

Ok so enough with the statistics and talks of failure. What does all this mean to you, that’s what you want to know, right?

Well, I’m going to show you how you can achieve your fitness goals at gyms in Benton, AR , and how you can be happier with your life in general! 

And it’s all through one thing: the power of choice. When you begin to say “I choose to” or “I choose not to” you will have a new found freedom in your life, and you’ll be much happier! It seems so simple, but what I have just told you is a golden key to unlock a new door and totally change your life…and most importantly get success from gyms in Benton, AR !

Let’s take a deeper look in to what I’m talking about. I’m a coach. I’ve coached  a lot of people of all ages. Most likely if you are reading this, you’ve had a coach, or a teacher at the least. Ever had a coach or teacher tell you you have to A, B and C to accomplish something? Whether it be a weightless goal, fitness goal, pass a test, or some other goal, all goals have one thing in common: There’s steps you have to take to achieve them! Have you ever responded to a coach with something like: “Well I can’t do that”? I hear that a lot, actually. “I can’t”. “I just can’t do that”. “My coach doesn’t understand…”, “I have a job”, “I have a family”, “I don’t have as much money as everyone else”. The list goes on and on but those are the common excuses I hear, and I imagine many trainers at gyms in Benton, AR hear…. The truth is, all of those people can reach their goals at gyms in Benton, AR , and so can you. You might not believe me yet, so let me cover a few key objections people have to reaching their goals:

Time: Time is a big objection when it comes to folks reaching fitness goals at gyms in Benton, AR . “I don’t have time to train that much”. Well, let’s take a closer look at that. Let’s say you worked out 2 hours a day 7 days a week (and I’m being generous here, because you don’t even have to train that much). That’s 14 hours a week out of 168 total hours in a week. That’s 8.3% of your time. It sounds silly doesn’t it? 8% of your time.   If you really wanted to achieve a goal, say losing weight, getting toned, earning a black belt and someone told you sure, just give 8% of your time, would you do it? I bet you would if you looked at it like that. But this is a big factor when it comes to folks achieving goals at gyms in Benton, AR . “I don’t have time”. Well, the truth is you do. This is where choice comes in. You choose to do other things. When you sit at home and watch TV, when you go out on a date, when you hangout with friends, when you go shopping, when you browse Facebook, etc, you are making a conscious choice to do something with your time.  According to research from Berkley in 2004, Americans spend 9x more time watching TV than on sports. That’s just one example of the many that are out there that show people spend more time making themselves unhealthy than actually improving their lives. But the point is you do have time. You have all the time in the world to do anything you want! You have the same 24 hours a day as everyone else. But it’s what you choose to do with your time that matters. What do you choose to do with your time?

I probably have not convinced you yet. You are probably still coming up with other objections, like the common: Money, Family and Job stuff. Let’s address those now.

Money: “I don’t have the money to do that”.  Most people think they can’t afford the gyms in Benton, AR . This one is simple. Do you have an iPhone, Droid or other smartphone? An iPhone costs a min $100 a month. If you have $100 a month for a phone, or if you have other luxuries like cable TV, a decent car, internet, go on vacations, etc, you have money. It goes back to that choice thing. What do you choose to do with your money? The fast food industry alone is a $110 billion dollar industry. Do you eat out? I’m not going to sit here and tell you what to do with your money, but unless you are living in a shelter, you probably have some form of income. What do you choose to do with your money?  Notice I said “choose”. That’s because it’s your money. You have the freedom to do whatever you want. You can spend all your money on drugs, or you can donate it all to the church. You can live a lavish lifestyle or you can live conservatively. It’s up to you. But ultimately if you put it on paper, more than likely you do have the money to get results from gyms in Benton, AR , but whether you choose to have the money for something is another story.

Job: A job in and of itself is a choice. I’d generally suggest that it’s a good choice, but it’s not a necessity. The reality of it is, is that you could bum off folks your entire life. Your job is your choice, and your line of work is your choice.  It might not be what you want as in “top of the list choice” but it’s a choice nonetheless. If you work a lot, it’s your choice. When you work is also your choice. Where you work is your choice.  I know a guy who quit a good paying job and lived off credit cards so he could be a world class BJJ competitor. His choice. When I opened my gym I didn’t have any money.  I lived there for 2 years. My choice. So what’s your choice when it comes to work? Oh and if you work 40 hours a week that’s only 24% of your time by the way. What are you going to do with the rest…train at one of the gyms in Benton, AR perhaps?

Family: Like a job, having a family is a choice. This is a big objection when folks have obstacles reaching goals. Marriage is not a requirement, divorce is an option. Kids are not a requirement.  You can be a great spouse and parent, or you can be a crappy one. It’s your choice. (I hope you choose to be a great spouse and parent, but nonetheless, it’s your choice). Getting married is a choice, having kids with the same person is a choice. It’s all you and what you want with your life. What’s important to you?  And let’s be realistic, If you realize the benefits of your Martial Arts and Fitness training, why don’t you include your family! All of you should be enjoying the benefits from one of the gyms in Benton, AR !

Now, Those are a few of the common objections people have to reaching goals. Hopefully I’ve shown you that all of these objections are just that: choices. So now for the important part: My personal challenge to you: Instead of saying “I can’t” say “I choose”!   Yep, it’s that simple. Instead of saying “I can’t train at one of the gyms in Benton, AR … I have a family” say something like “My family is important to me and tonight I choose to spend time with them instead of train”. Don’t say things like “I don’t have money to workout at one of the gyms in Benton, AR, but instead say something like “I choose to have an iPhone, cable TV, fast-food, (or whatever else it is) Instead of spending my money on training”.  Do not say “I can’t lose weight”, Instead say: “I choose to eat out, snack on cheetos and cokes, and make unhealthy choices” (this is assuming there’s no underlying medical problem which in majority of cases there is not).

So, now you know you can choose to do whatever you want. Here’s the second part to this money ticket: Are your choices congruent with your goals? First, let’s define “congruent”. “Congruent” is an  adjective meaning: agreeing; accordant; congruous.  So in order to be successful your choices, actions and behavior must be congruent with your goals. Here’s an example: Let’s say your goal is to compete in a martial arts tournament. Well, you have a few options: 1. you could not train at one of the gyms in Benton, AR , and you’d likely lose your money and the match. Doesn’t sound fun or productive, but you could do that. 2. You could spend your time, money and resources to train for the event and do your best.   Assuming you do #2, you will have to make some choices: “Do I buy a new phone”, “Do I stay home with my family tonight”, “Should I eat out at McDonalds”, “Should I go to a party instead of training”.   These are a few examples of choices you might be faced with. Instead of saying “I can’t train that much because I have to do xxxx, change your statement to: “I choose not to train enough because I chose to do xxxx instead.”

Where people have problems with fitness goals at gyms in Benton, AR  is when they are not mindful enough to realize that their life is their choice and no one has to do anything. Sure with every action comes and equal and opposite reaction, in other words a consequence, but it’s up to you to weigh that and choose the route you want to take.  Some consequences are good, some aren’t. It’s your life, it’s your choice.  Many times folks get angry that they can’t do certain things or be certain things, they blame their coach, or other people instead of themselves. The truth is: 9 times out of 10, their behavior and choices are not congruent with their goals. This opens people up for failure and  leads them to anger and a whole host of other things. Sometimes they quit their journey to their goal all together.

So here’s my challenge to you: with everything you do, don’t say “I can or I can’t”. Instead say “I choose” or “I don’t choose”.   If you really want to be successful training at one of the gyms in Benton, AR , you have to accept personal accountability. After you take some time and start saying that, you’ll start to realize that you can do anything you want. You’ll think through your choices and ultimately you should be happier. After all it’s your choice, and why choose something that makes you unhappy, right? Personal accountability is one of the major keys to success. Do you have it?

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