Personal Development for Mixed Martial Arts Benton

Mixed Martial Arts BentonPersonal Development for Mixed Martial Arts Benton

In my last two blogs, we talked about what it takes for successful training in Mixed Martial Arts Benton. You have to develop your skill set as well as your athleticism. The final thing you must work on is personal development. Today we are going to discuss some things you can do to develop and improve yourself to reap the rewards from Mixed Martial Arts Benton training. Some things you will want to focus on specifically in your personal development include: will, determination and desire, as noted from yesterdays blog as one of the elements of the Renegade Wheel of Conditioning, as well as time management, and financial management.

Will, Determination, and Desire for Mixed Martial Arts Benton

What do you will to happen with your Mixed Martial Arts Benton training? What is your desire to be? Are you determined to make those things happen? There are several definitions of will, including:  “deliberate or fixed desire or intention”, “thing that one desires or ordains”, “the faculty by which a person decides on and initiates action”, “control deliberately exerted to do something or to restrain one’s own impulses”.  Desire goes along with will, and is defined as: “a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen “. Essentially, your wills and desires are your dreams, and they become your goals. Your determination drives you to accomplish them.  Determination is simply “the act of committing to a decision”. This is an important aspect in your eventual success with Mixed Martial Arts Benton . Your mental attitude is a direct predictor of your success. If you don’t have the will power to win, to succeed, or to achieve your goals, quite simply you wont.  In addition, your will, desire, and determination help you overcome adversity and avoid temptations. If you are in a training camp for a competition, or working towards your rank or another personal goal for your Mixed Martial Arts Benton training, at some point you will face temptation. Its likely to come from your family and/ or your friends, quite honestly. They might be discouraging you from training, or encouraging you to do things that hurt your training like go out and party, stay up late, etc. You have to have the will to say no, and stay committed to your goals. The second you lose sight of your goals, you begin a downward spiral that will be come increasingly harder to crawl out of.

Time Management: An Important Ingredient in Mixed Martial Arts Benton Success

You have to learn how to manage your time. It’s a skill. Some are better than others at it initially, but everyone can benefit from learning successful time management. If you are disorganized in your life you won’t be successful. You have to be sure to plan your week, setting aside time for your training, recovery, proper eating and anything else. Make sure you keep all appointments, and let nothing stand in the way. Naturally your will, determination and desire are what drive you to set these goals, but you will have to implement these things daily to overcome the daily obstacles that will throw themselves in front of you.  Some of the most basic tips include

  • keeping a daily planner
  • schedule each day/ week in advance for your training schedule
  • keep daily to do lists for your training
  • remain organized – keep your gear clean, and in a place that’s easy to find. Set aside a place in your house that is your training area. You can keep gear there, but also keep literature there if you decide to read or write about your training.
  • focus on one thing at a time, give it your undivided attention – don’t bring yesterdays clutter to todays training.  Clear your head and allow yourself some time to focus 100% on training
  • decide what’s most important – your training should be organized in a periodization schedule and you will want to prioritize what is most important. Depending on when your competition, test or focus event is will depend on what is the priority.
  • know when you work best – if you arent a morning person, don’t schedule your training at 6 am. Likewise if you have to get up early, don’t train until 11 pm. If you want to be successful, you have to organize your time and training when it is to be most productive.

Financial Management, Another Important Ingredient for Mixed Martial Arts Benton Success

And In my opinion the most important. Look, let me be bold and honest here and say that if you arent willing to financially invest in yourself and your training, quit now. It takes a lot of money to be good and successful with Mixed Martial Arts Benton . I am known for being brutally honest at times, so let me tell you that you are going to get hurt and it’s going to cost money. You also have to pay for your lessons and extended training. Your competitions will cost money as well. No one is going to sponsor you until you have invested quite a bit in your success to take yourself to a level in which you will get noticed. In addition, with the chance you do make it to a high level, you will want to continue to investing in yourself: You will have to pay trainers, and hire a manager as well as someone to help you market your persona and build your brand. Your ability to market yourself and attract fans /clients directly translates to the amount of money you are worth as a professional. If you are one of those people who lives paycheck to paycheck it’s time to drastically revolutionize that part of your life. I’d recommend the following:

  • keep all receipts for 1 month, after that month make a list of your expenses by category, analyze all expenses and look at what you can cut out that will free up more money for you to use towards your goal
  • make a budget based on your review/ plan
  • stick to your budget
  • set aside money for savings: you never know when something unfortunate like an injury might occur. Likewise you could lose a job, or simply have an opportunity to attend an exciting training camp. You don’t want to miss out because of poor financial planning.

I hope you have enjoyed my series on the secret keys to Mixed Martial Arts Benton Success!

We established that you need skill development, athletic development and personal development for success. One without the others will not work. I’d encourage you to pick a place to start and try to accomplish 1 task a day. Don’t get discouraged or feel overwhelmed with anything you read. If you haven’t started Mixed Martial Arts Benton this can seem overwhelming. Start small and work towards your goal daily. You can also stop by my gym and get 30 Days Free and a Free Consultation, and we’ll let you in on our secrets of how we make it happen time and time again!

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