Martial Arts Arkansas Training Do You Make Cookies or Crap?

Martial Arts ArkansasI debated for quite some time what my first “philosophical” blog should be about, but decided I’d blog about Martial Arts, afterall Martial Arts Arkansas is what I’ve been doing for over 23 years now. Now that’s a broad subject to blog about, but then I remembered teaching a private lesson to some of the kids in my Kids Jiu Jitsu Program.  Learning Jiu Jitsu and Martial Arts Arkansas can be somewhat complex, especially for kids. You see, there are a lot of steps and you have to get them all right or it won’t work.  You see, Martial Arts Arkansas is like anything else in life, and that’s like baking cookies. We’ve all had some experience baking cookies. I have about as much cooking experience as the average guy, but I still understand the basic principle: You have to follow the recipe, otherwise, it’s not cookies, it’s crap.

As you learn and practice the techniques as part of your training in Martial Arts Arkansas , it’s important that you pay close attention to all of the steps involved. Missing 1 step makes the whole thing out of wack; it simply won’t work right. Your entire body has a role in the techique: your arms, legs, abs, and even your mind.  If you leave out 1 ingredient off the cookie recipe, they wont cook right. Leave out 1 step of your techniques, and they simply won’t work right.

So, how do you ensure you get it right? Simple: Repitition, focused training, and proper instruction. Let’s start with proper instruction: You have to learn the right move the right way. You need someone better than you watching you and correcting mistakes. Someone else will notice things you don’t and remind you to do it with precision. As you train, it’s important you focus. You have to clear your mind, and think about nothing but the technique and what you are doing. You have to focus on everything, your arms, legs, body, etc. Notice every detail and try to make it as perfect as possible. Finally, you have to repeat the technique. Repetition builds muscle memory and trains proper movement. Sometimes you should repeat the drill or technique slowly. Paying attention to every detail to make sure it’s correct. Later on, speed it up, but only go as fast as you can with proper technique. Anything faster is a waste.

This week as you train, I encourage you to train with a purpose. Train to make cookies, not crap. Focus on your training. Take notes if needed, and practice at home. Try your best to get it exactly right. Be sure to ask questions. And most importantly, remember that this doesn’t just apply to Martial Arts Arkansas . It applies to everything. There’s  recipe for running your business right, doing your job, relationships, and everything in life. Whatever it is that’s important to you, or you are trying to improve, try to find the recipe and follow it exactly. Do it right and you will be successful.

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