Kids Martial Arts Benton Helps Kids in School!

Kids Martial Arts Benton Helps Kids in School!

Behavioral and emotional problems in kids are all too common these days. A 2005 report shows that nearly 5 percent—of children are reported by their parents to suffer from definite or severe emotional or behavioral difficulties. These are problems that can interfere with their family life, their ability to learn, and their formation of friendships.  If that were not bad enough, these problems usually persist throughout a child’s life and carry in to adulthood. What that ultimately means is that these problems can affect your child’s chances of success in life.

Kids Martial Arts Benton



What if I told you I had a solution to your problems?


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Let me take a minute to share with you an interview from one of the kids in my Kids Martial Arts Benton Classes. This is Rylie and she has been training Kids Martial Arts Benton for almost 2 years. Rylie is a model of hard work and discipline in class. I’d even go as far to characterize her as an “overachiever”. You will notice in our interview Rylie makes several mentions of how training Kids Martial Arts Benton has helped her in school.


Kids Martial Arts Benton can help kids with a number of problems: social and in their studies.

All kids, and kids with behavior problems in particular, have trouble making friends. A child with behavioral problems tends to feel isolated, misunderstood, and lonely. He/ She may be ostracized by other children for his/ her behavior. Wouldn’t it be nice if your child could have a place to go that helped him/ her make positive, lasting relationships with peers? Not only will this benefit your child in the short term, but throughout your child’s adult life, he/ she will have to know how to form and build positive peer relationships for success.  Rylie made mention that her training helps her get closer to people.  This is one of the great benefits that comes with Kids Martial Arts Benton !

Kids with behavioral problems not only have trouble making friends, but they may experience a lot of social conflict.  In fact we all do, but kids with behavioral and emotional problems are likely the brunt of bullying and taunts from peers.

Do you remember what it was like to be bullied in school? 

Do you remember the names of school bullies? 

Perhaps you remember bullying yourself?

It hurts, and to a child who has problems handling their own emotions, it can be disastrous. It can break them in to emotional pieces. Kids Martial Arts Benton helps kids learn how to deal with these problems. First, kids learn common life skills such as courtesy, respect, kindness, and generosity.  They learn how to work with a partner and be a good teammate.  Kids also learn how to avoid physical confrontations through their own behavior and through talking. Kids Martial Arts Benton teaches kids the right things to do and say in order to diffuse a heated conversation. In the case of a confrontation, kids learn to react with reason and not with emotion. They learn to think through their choices and be prepared for consequences.  Kids Martial Arts Benton also teaches kids the right skills to keep themselves safe!

As Rylie also mentioned, Jiu Jitsu helps her calm herself down and relieve stress from the school day.  Kids with emotional and behavioral problems do not deal with stress well. They may overreact to things we would otherwise consider insignificant. Stress can affect a child’s ability to focus and perform in school. Learn Martial Arts can help your child calm down when faced with a stressor. In addition the physical exercise is proven to elevate mood and reduce depression.

Kids Martial Arts Benton helps kids with their studies by giving them alternative means to look at a problem.  Rylie mentions that when her teacher asks her questions, she can relate it to Jiu Jitsu and answer. When learning Jiu Jitsu, kids learn about angles, leverage, and all sorts of other things they will learn about in math, geometry and other classes in school. They learn how to position a joint to make proper leverage or to escape. They learn which angles help make a technique more efficient.  When these kids think about angles in their geometry classes, they can most definitely relate it to Jiu Jitsu.  Math isn’t the only subject kids learn about. They’ll learn about geography as they learn the history of their art. They’ll learn a bit of foreign language and culture, as they meet the guests who come in for special camps.

Most importantly they learn critical thinking skills. Critical thinking is defined as

The process or method of thinking that questions assumptions. It is a way of deciding whether a claim is true, false, or sometimes true and sometimes false, or partly true and partly false.

Kids learn to test a hypothesis and theory, and they learn to question what they assume to be true or false. You see, they practice the techniques they learn daily in a live setting. They learn to make their own combinations of moves, anticipate a persons reaction and plan their reaction accordingly. They also have to react quickly and make a new plan of something doesn’t go as initially planned. All of this entire process takes a split second for a seasoned practitioner, but as kids learn this process, they are learning valuable physical and mental skills. Kids also learn how to deal with others and others’ behavior. They learn that they can’t always predict a persons reaction, but they can control how they react to a situation and how it affects them. Kids who train Kids Martial Arts Benton improve their critical thinking in the process. One they are able to do this, they are able to use these critical thinking skills anywhere in life, even in school.

Did you notice Rylie is very well spoken? While some of the kids were a bit camera shy at first, I noticed later that they were all well spoken. Kids Martial Arts Benton gives kids the confidence to speak in front of others, and feel good about themselves. By watching these kids, you can tell they have confidence. That confidence carries over to many other areas of life, and will be a determining factor in their success. Tessas and Samuels also experienced a significant boost in confidence with their training!

Wouldn’t it be great if your child could experience all of these great benefits in one place?

If you want to help your child become more successful in life, learn critical thinking skills, relieve stress, manage emotions, control behavior and have fun, go on my website and sign up for a 30 Day FREE trial.

Let your child try Kids Martial Arts Benton absolutely 100% Free for 30 Days!

This will be the the best thing you can do for your child! 


  1. Daran L. Robertson says


    Thank you for caring enough to get down deep into your students needs. I have seen a change in my son since he has started with you. A change in attitude and grades at school. I trust you with him.

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