Improve Your Child’s Attention With Kids Martial Arts in Benton

Kids martial Arts in Benton

Kids Martial Arts in Benton Can Help!

Conditions that affect a child’s ability to pay attention, such as ADHD, etc are getting a lot of attention these days, and Kids Martial Arts in Benton is the best way to help your child learn to focus and pay attention. It seems everyone has an explanation, or attempted explanation for these problems and medications are all too common. But before you jump on the medication bandwagon, here’s a few ways you can improve your child’s attention at home, and how Kids Martial Arts in Benton can help.

Today’s society is very fast paced and some things can actually ruin your child’s ability to focus. A study of 2600 kids who started watching tv at around age 2 showed that by age 7 they were more susceptible to inattentiveness, distractibility, impulsiveness and disorganization.  Other studies show that human attention span overall may be decreasing due to technology such as internet, etc. Spending a little time with your child at an early age, or letting them try a class for Kids martial Arts in Benton can help your child maintain his/ her attention span and learn attention to detail.

One of the best ways to improve your child’s attention is to practice. In our classes for Kids Martial Arts in Benton , we practice this often. Now first let me say it’s important to remember that your child is still a child. Don’t be too overbearing, expecting your child to focus for long periods of time such as an hour. The average adult’s attention span is only 20 minutes, so don’t expect your child to focus on something too long. Instead plan short spans where your child will focus and then take a break. During our classes for Kids Martial Arts in Benton , we usually have the kids focus on a task for 2 minutes or so, and then allow a 30 second break. If you allow your child to take breaks, he/ she won’t have a problem focusing; afterall they know the break is coming. After the break, take another round focusing on the task. Encourage your child to focus and praise and reward him/ her for doing so.

There are many other things you can do to improve your child’s attention: Make sure your child has adequate space to work, a quite atmosphere during “focus time”, pairing your child with/ next to other students who focus well, and breaking down the task in to smaller tasks. As I teach one of our classes for Kids Martial Arts in Benton I usually try to break down the tasks. If you teach a child too much, you teach him/ her nothing at all. Not only will the child not remember anything, but he/ she will start tuning things out and not try. When I break down the tasks, and encourage the kids to focus, they pick it up much better.  It’s also important to help your child have a “goal” with each task. For example, at our classes for Kids Martial Arts in Benton I might announce the technique we are learning before I teach the first part. I usually show them the full technique. That way the child has some concept of the final goal. The same applies to homework or any task. Tell them what they are working towards and break it in to tasks. This also teaches your child to be goal oriented, in addition to being focused and attentive to detail. If you want, take a look at my other blog, specifically about focusing while training Kids Martial Arts in Benton .

Kids Martial Arts in Benton is one of the best ways to help your child learn focus, attention to detail and goal planning. Kids Martial Arts in Benton provides the structure, consistency, and ritual that kids desire, and believe me kids do desire those things! With Kids martial arts in Benton , You will see your child improve overall organization, executive function and critical thinking skills, making him/ her more successful in life.


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